Matt's Hobby Pages
the possible and impossible ....

   Welcome to my website! Sure this are hobby pages. Stuff which has been dusted off from earlier years and made available here. Most of it was done to get to know another field, or to help my day job in some way or another.
My interests are pretty broad, from electronics design to metal casting, physics and some mathematics. There is never enough time to finish all of the stuff. Making it available here adds a bit of motivation to actually finish it.

Cutting Edge


Cool Links

  • Space News. What goes up, must come down.
  • Iter Fusion. Your taxpayer money at work to power the 22nd century.
  • WWTelescope. Darn, no more cold nights out at the refractor!
  • Casting Stuff. Liquid metal in your back yard, only a few bucks.
  • Rocket Stuff. For those, who have not burned their fingers as kids.
  • Ancient Unix. Olivers museum site of a long gone era.
  • Cheap PCBs. Easy for hobby and beyond. Its not a Cadstar, but does its thing.
  • Programming Ruby. A must.
  • SCIAM. From where else would one learn about the world - catholic radio?
  • TheTech. If you want to wrap your arms arround the things your brain already did.
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